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100 kilometers through the desert of the United Arab Emirates, making the end of the #LaureusChallenge2022 💯 If you’re interested in supporting SafariScapes in our efforts to have an everlasting impact and change Africa please reach out to us on our page. Cheers! @LaureusSport SafariScapesUSA photo
Flipping our way through the week!! Happy Tuesday!
TheSafariCollection @giraffe_manor
Splashing around in the Mara....did you know hippos are territorial only while in the water?
Meet the newest addition to the hippo pod at Pios Crossing in the Sand River. This calf is just three weeks old.
Woke up dreaming of the crisps bush on morning game drives!! Click the link below for a great morning game drive and some close up time with the endangered species- the rhino.
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