Corporate Travel Management

Our Promise to You

We offer 24/7, white-glove service to our clients, and assure that their travel
needs are met in a timely manner with professionalism, accuracy, and simplicity.

Technology is one of the most important facets for any travel program and why we
maintain every effort to integrate the latest software and products into our platform.


etc group’s travel management
team has over 85 years of combined industry experience
and is eager to partner with
you and your travelers.


 We believe true partnership means you can’t put a price on every service, so we don’t. It is our privilege and highest priority to ensure the
success of your travel program.


  We are recognized for our mutually beneficial vendor and supplier partnerships and continue to work closely with each to create a positive experience for our clients.


  From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we take pride in the unparalleled service and support that we consistently provide to our clients.


Account Management

etc group is one of the last travel management companies to believe that you cannot put a price on every service. We are committed to offering our clients solutions and programs to help reduce their spend and avoid costs, at no additional fee to you.

We help tailor a very granular program to meet both your company’s needs as well as your traveler’s needs. A dedicated account manager will work closely with your procurement team to analyze opportunities to decrease your overall Travel T&E spend.  We will report to you regularly on how to best introduce modifications or influence behaviors to achieve reduced expenses.

State of the Art Reporting

With over 500 suites of reporting, etc group will provide you with detailed information at your fingertips. We understand you cannot always wait for the end of the week, month, or quarter for reporting, so we provide real time data on where each of your travelers are, how many tickets have been booked, and what your total spend is for the month.

etc group manages our business just like you manage yours – very carefully to ensure we save as much as possible. Each report is accessed by etc group’s reporting tool – Grasp Technologies. Grasp provides comprehensive and multi-dimensional graphical views of any travel program, as well as instant access to relevant, actionable information.

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Our Global Reach

As your business blazes new trails across new markets, we understand the demand for global reach and responsive service. We can roll up and report on your multinational travel investments, deploy online booking solutions, provide 24-hour customer care, and alert your employees when they find themselves in situations that require immediate support.

etc group has a strategic partnership with Travel Leaders Global to support and grow with our clients worldwide, with a presence in more than 85 countries and 600 locations worldwide. etc group’s alliance with Travel Leaders Global is organized into four regions, North America, EMEA, APAC (Asia Pacific) and Latin America.

Corporate Travel

Key Team Members

  • Connie Meyers
    Connie Meyers vice president of sales and account management
  • Samantha Doss
    Samantha Doss director of travel technology
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