Corporate Responsibility

Building partnerships
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We are committed to transforming the travel industry for the better

At etc group, we believe that working with organizations that align with our values and mission is a key way to fulfill our corporate responsibility.

As a business, we have an obligation to not only deliver quality service to our clients, but also contribute positively to society.

ETC Group Enviromental Efforts

Environmental Efforts

Its important to us that we can provide clients with options for eco-friendly hotels, partner with airlines that work to reduce carbon emissions, and work with car rental companies that offer green-powered options.

ETC Group Global Conservation

Global Conservation

We work closely with organizations, both near and far, to tackle important issues such as social, economic, and environmental challenges, as well as animal conservation. Our goal is to amplify their efforts and be the support that helps drive change.

ETC Group Diversity Work Culture

Diverse Work Culture

We have created and work to maintain a gender-equal and diverse workplace. We embrace the unique perspectives and talents that each individual brings to our team and are proud to celebrate our differences.

ETC Group Why its important

Why it’s important

Together we can tackle pressing issues such as poverty, medical research, environmental degradation, and much more. By collaborating with like-minded partners, we can expand our impact and create meaningful change.

Moreover, working with impactful organizations allows us to build strong relationships and foster a sense of community. We have become part of a network of changemakers who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

Oganizations we have proudly partnered with

American Diabetes
American Heart Association
American National Red Cross
Answer ALS Foundation
Bush Hughes Foundation
Caliber Foundation

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Words from our clients

“You can sum up Debbie, Connie and etc group with two words: The best. I have managed travel for over 27 years with Dow Chemical, PepsiCo, and Dean Foods. I have worked with some larger, as well as smaller travel companies in the past, but none could compare to the service and personal attention that etc group gives, not only to me, but our entire company. I have personally been involved with etc group for over 8 years and they have managed Dean Foods travel program for over 20 years now. I have compared etc group to other travel partners of my past and etc is simply above and beyond any of them. What you see is what you get. They are the most genuine and transparent travel company you will find.”

“I have had the great fortune to work with etc group in three different companies over the last 15 years. Every opportunity I have to introduce them to a new company, I take advantage of it and have never been disappointed. The etc group team brings an attitude of excellence that is difficult to match, whether it is in the service provided by the individual consultants or the one-on-one relationships they so actively foster. They have customer service down to an art!”

etc group has been fantastic in helping us meet travel cost containment strategies for our field personnel and training teams. We have much more visibility for the travel areas that require the most attention, allowing us the opportunity to anticipate the latest cost trends. Thanks, etc!”

“We rely on etc group for all of our organizations travel arrangements. They have been an outstanding partner of the Dallas Stars for over eight seasons, and we highly recommend them. Their experience, customer service and attention to detail are perfect for our fast-paced environment.”

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Corporate Travel Management

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